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If you've reached this page, you're probably after my blog, The Software Condition.

My Software Projects

These are some of the software projects I've worked on at a personal/academic scope:
  • Foobar Bulk MP3 Tagging Plugin (current project):
    A plugin for the Foobar audio player which allows for simple bulk tagging of music libraries based on online music databases.
  • Algorithm Visualisation (final year university project):
    A framework which provides automated visualisations of the dataflow of C++ code in a generic manner.
  • DFD Editor (university group project):
    A Java based dataflow diagram editor I worked on with in a team of six people
  • Building Sketch (university group project):
    A modelling tool which generates 3D building models from 2D sketches.

About Me

I'm Nathan Pitman and I'm a 24 year old software developer based in Auckland, New Zealand. While I've traditionally done application development using C++, Java and C#, since early 2011 after finishing uni, I've been doing web/framework/API development using SharePoint, C#, and ASP .NET WebForms and MVC. I've previously had experience working for a medical software company and a forklift robotics company.

Beyond that, I'm a complete music nut and I enjoy British sitcoms, gaming and reading.

Where You Can Find Me