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If you've reached this page, you're probably after my blog, The Software Condition.

My company and business/professional interests

You might also have reached this in relation to my company, Nathantron Enterprises Limited. My business interests lie primarily in software development, import/export and tourism. I am also interested in how society can be empowered through technology and innovative urban planning, and in different global perspectives towards this.

About me

I'm Nathan Pitman, a 31 year old kiwi software engineer and business owner. You'll find me sometimes in NZ and sometimes in Europe on business (generally in Russia). I'm a complete music nut and I enjoy weightlifting, TV/film (esp. British sitcoms), gaming, playing cricket, food/cooking, travelling and languages.

For the past ten years, I've been working as a web developer in the local government sector, primarily using C#, ASP .NET MVC and Web Forms, and (unfortunately) SharePoint. Previously, I've had internships with a medical software company and a forklift robotics company. I also have professional experience with C++ and Java, and I have tinkered with Haskell, F#, Lua, Lisp and Python. My programming interests lie in software design, programming languages and functional programming, algorithmics, operating systems, and TypeScript.

Software projects

These are some of the software projects I've worked on at a personal or academic scope:
  • OneTime Sublime
    A Chrome extension for an internal company timesheet web app, involving considerable JavaScript wizardry!
  • DefinitelyTyped
    I have contributed a number of TS type definitions.
  • Fluentatious
    A library of C# extensions for writing fluent and functional code.
  • Algorithm Visualisation (final year university project)
    A framework which provides automated visualisations of the dataflow of C++ code in a generic manner.
  • Building Sketch (university group project)
    A modelling tool which generates 3D building models from 2D sketches.
  • DFD Editor (university group project):
    A Java based dataflow diagram editor I worked on with in a team of six people

Programmers I respect and follow:

Eric Lippert, Steve Yegge, Erik Meijer, David Heinemeier Hansson, Linus Torvalds, John Carmack, Raymond Chen

Where you can find me