Hello universe!

WordPress kindly created a blog intro for me entitled “Hello world!” but in an attempt to distance myself from that coding cliché and Earth in general, I thought I’d instead greet the universe. So hello, this is my entry into the inter-galactic blogosphere!

Pretentious blather aside, here’s a bit about me. I’m 22 and in my fourth and final year of studying for a BE in software engineering at the University of Auckland (that’s in New Zealand for you international folks). Over the past two summers, I’ve worked for a medical software company and a robotics automation company, and enjoyed my time at both immensely, notwithstanding the delightful deadlines we all love.

I’ve fiddled with computers for as long as I can remember (since the age of 3) and I discovered programming in high school through the lunchtime QBasic club which, I’ll add, means I’m “mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration” according to Dijkstra. I did the normal nerdy QB things and wrote a BEDMAS calculator, a maze solver, a starfield simulator, 2D tile mapped games etc. I also learned a bit of VB before programming went off my RADAR for a few years until I picked it up again in university.

My software-related interests lie in operating systems, design, computer graphics and maths/algorithmics. While my courses have focussed on teaching using Java, my language of choice has become C++ in the last 6 months, although I’m fond of C# .NET and I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Python as of late. Beyond that I’m utterly obsessed with music (I mod on MusicBanter) and I also enjoy British sitcoms, gaming, and reading.

So what is the purpose of this blog’s existence? Part of it is motivated by the selfish desire to aggregate my thoughts and document my journeys in software development. Part of it is inspired by the collective knowledge of the members of Stack Overflow, which is an amazing resource. And part of it is the direct result of my experiences of reading useful tutorials and finding tech solutions written by normal everyday people in their blogs. In the same way, I hope that someone will find what I post here useful, or at least mildly interesting.

And as for the name, it’s the software version of the human condition!

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