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TDD and the Silver Bullet Express

So, there has been a lot of talk about TDD in the past half a year. It (possibly) started with David Heinemeier Hansson’s articles, TDD is Dead. Long Live Testing and Test-induced design damage. Those led to the ‘TDD is … Continue reading

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NuGet issues with Nested Solutions / Branches

NuGet is a decent tool if you use it in exactly the way Microsoft envisages… but unfortunately, like many products/frameworks in their ecosystem, it suffers from Microsoft Tunnel Vision™. At work, I’m attempting to properly solve a problem which has been … Continue reading

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It’s the Time of the Season (for Moving)

So… some of you may have noticed that I’ve recently migrated this blog from WordPress to my very own domain. Now, whether this warrants a blog post named after a Zombies song is another matter altogether, but anyway… One of … Continue reading

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Generic Blog Update

Well as it’s been so long since my last blog entry, it would be remiss of me not to provide at least some sort of update on what I’ve been doing. When I last posted, I had just finished my … Continue reading

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Hello universe!

WordPress kindly created a blog intro for me entitled “Hello world!” but in an attempt to distance myself from that coding cliché and Earth in general, I thought I’d instead greet the universe. So hello, this is my entry into … Continue reading

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