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How to Add QT Support to an Existing Visual Studio Project

QT is a cool GUI framework and the Visual Studio add-in is pretty neat… it allows you to code and deploy C++/QT apps without having to deal with QT’s include directories, linker dependencies, environment variables and all that jazz. You … Continue reading

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Adventures with Templates – Basic C++ Type Introspection without RTTI

Some rambling about C++ templating, template metaprogramming, reflection and SFINAE. And finally an experimental (read: limited and impractical) SFINAE solution for basic reflection Continue reading

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C++ GUI Libraries, QT and the Signals/Slots Paradigm

A bit about C++ GUI libraries, a bit about QT and a bit about its renowned Signals/Slots paradigm Continue reading

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C/C++ Assertions and Defining Your Own Assert Macro

This post talks about the C runtime assert statement, how it should be used and some of its pitfalls. A custom C++ assert macro is provided and discussed. Continue reading

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