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Some wacky HTML generation code I wrote the other week

On a site I’m working on, we offer content authors a multi-line textbox whose content later is rendered to end-users by way of replacing newline-like tokens with <br />s. It was then decided that we needed to add support for … Continue reading

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Why All Developers Should Learn Functional Programming

Last Friday, I turned up to work completely unaware that I’d be spending the rest of the day at the CodeMania programming conference – it was a nice surprise to say the least. The most poignant presentation for me, was … Continue reading

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JSON DateTime Serialisation Gotchas

DateTimes are a bit nasty, really. They appear deceptively elementary and unthreatening, leading generations of programmers to misuse them, or even grossly underestimate them and attempt to roll their own datetime libraries, only to end up in no man’s land … Continue reading

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Should C# Offer the With Construct?

As repulsive as I find the syntax of VB .NET, I recently stumbled upon one of its language features which piqued my interest – the With keyword, for which no direct equivalent exists in C#. It basically allows you to … Continue reading

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How to Add QT Support to an Existing Visual Studio Project

QT is a cool GUI framework and the Visual Studio add-in is pretty neat… it allows you to code and deploy C++/QT apps without having to deal with QT’s include directories, linker dependencies, environment variables and all that jazz. You … Continue reading

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Adventures with Templates – Basic C++ Type Introspection without RTTI

Some rambling about C++ templating, template metaprogramming, reflection and SFINAE. And finally an experimental (read: limited and impractical) SFINAE solution for basic reflection Continue reading

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C++ GUI Libraries, QT and the Signals/Slots Paradigm

A bit about C++ GUI libraries, a bit about QT and a bit about its renowned Signals/Slots paradigm Continue reading

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C/C++ Assertions and Defining Your Own Assert Macro

This post talks about the C runtime assert statement, how it should be used and some of its pitfalls. A custom C++ assert macro is provided and discussed. Continue reading

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