It’s the Time of the Season (for Moving)

So… some of you may have noticed that I’ve recently migrated this blog from WordPress to my very own domain. Now, whether this warrants a blog post named after a Zombies song is another matter altogether, but anyway…

One of the luring factors of the self-hosted solution was the ability to use WordPress plugins such as the Syntax Highlighter plugin for displaying code. Another factor was the possibility that I might one day want to host some files which aren’t strictly WordPress blog pages or even related to my blog at all… hence, why it’s living in its own subdirectory. Not to mention, it gives me the excuse to have a cheesy homepage! I decided to keep my old blog up (with a permanent redirect here) and maintain the old structure and hyperlink formats in the hope that the migration wouldn’t kill the SEO or lead to a proliferation of broken links. So let me know if you see something which has gone awry.

I apologise for being a bit slack with the frequency of blog updates – I blame it on my being ultra-busy with work, work-provided SharePoint training and various other RL things. I also blame it on a bunch of new DVDs which I’ve purchased in the past month 😀 But there’s a lot of things I want to write about, so expect something soon! Until then, I better get some sleep as I have a 6 am website deployment to do tomorrow.

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