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JSON DateTime Serialisation Gotchas

DateTimes are a bit nasty, really. They appear deceptively elementary and unthreatening, leading generations of programmers to misuse them, or even grossly underestimate them and attempt to roll their own datetime libraries, only to end up in no man’s land … Continue reading

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How to Add a User Control to a SharePoint Web Part

By default, when you create a visual web part in a SharePoint 2010 project, Visual Studio adds a user control for you and performs the necessary plumbing to ensure it gets deployed to the Control Templates directory in the 14 … Continue reading

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CSS Content Generation

So, with all the excitement over the W3C CSS 2.1 spec being finalised just a few months ago (a mere 13 years after the advent of CSS2!), I recently decided to have a quick skim over it. In my defence, … Continue reading

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Using SPWebConfigModification to Modify your Web.Configs

SharePoint allows you to use SPWebConfigModification to programmatically make web.config changes which propagate across your farm. Typically, you do this by creating a SP feature and adding your code to its FeatureActivated and FeatureDeactivating event handlers. The advantage of this … Continue reading

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Should C# Offer the With Construct?

As repulsive as I find the syntax of VB .NET, I recently stumbled upon one of its language features which piqued my interest – the With keyword, for which no direct equivalent exists in C#. It basically allows you to … Continue reading

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It’s the Time of the Season (for Moving)

So… some of you may have noticed that I’ve recently migrated this blog from WordPress to my very own domain. Now, whether this warrants a blog post named after a Zombies song is another matter altogether, but anyway… One of … Continue reading

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TFS Pending Changes – Ignoring Files which are Identical to the Originals

Since posting about TFS a few weeks ago, I noticed I’ve received a lot of Google traffic in relation to a specific TFS annoyance I mentioned; the fact that when you view pending changes or check in files for a … Continue reading

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Migrating an SVN Repository to GIT

Well, it’s been a week since my last post and it seems I’m writing about version control again, but this time with a more positive spin on things. SVN has served me well over the past couple of years but … Continue reading

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My Take on TFS

So, for the past couple of months at work, I’ve been living in Microsoft land doing SharePoint /ASP .NET web development. Now I’m not some blind Linux evangelist bemoaning the fact that I’m tethered to a large Microsoft stack during … Continue reading

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Generic Blog Update

Well as it’s been so long since my last blog entry, it would be remiss of me not to provide at least some sort of update on what I’ve been doing. When I last posted, I had just finished my … Continue reading

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